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Make Your Work-at-Home Space More Functional

Let us design and build your home office

Many people across the U.S. have quickly had to turn their dining room table into a work deck. But that doesn't make for a very functional office space. Your kids are always running around the house, your spouse is probably working on the couch and clearing off the space to serve dinner becomes a daily chore.

ASI Renovation offers a wide range of office remodeling services to give you a more functional office space. We can build out a home office that has everything you need to be productive throughout the day.

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Make working from home work for you

Having a quiet space to work in is essential, and ASI Renovation can give you just that. Our comprehensive home office remodeling services include:

Design: office addition construction concepts, high-end audio/video data team, ergonomic practices

Construction: Move walls, flooring, drywall, drop tile ceiling, sound absorption/deadening, electrical, low voltage, finish carpentry

Built-ins: cabinets, organized storage, closets, hidden wire raceways for easy wiring upgrades, mission control area for all your small portable electronics and chargers, safes/vaults/hidden storage

Furniture: Retractable and poseable space-saving furniture options, custom cabinetry, work stations to include standing, treadmill, ball seat elevation

Audio Video Tech: Wall and desk mount laptop/keyboard holding arms, wall mount monitors, printers, camera, wireless mics and choir mics, in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, wire management, rack system fabrication for large systems, OpSec/ComSec solutions, Wifi-5G

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