ASI Renovations offers free consultations which is a phone call and/or a meeting at the location. We will perform about 45 minutes of questions and answers.

For simple projects that have a few assemblies or pieces of work we will provide free estimates and proposals. Examples of simple projects include dry walling a room, a new roof, painting a room or two, exterior painting, or a piece of masonry.

For more complicated projects, we charge depending on the effort to do said estimate. Complicated projects include bathroom, basement, kitchen remodels, multiple repairs and improvements, finishing out an unfinished space, and such. These prices are between $60 and $200 on average.

(*Estimates  usually cost  $150 to $1000, according to Angie's List.)

We are experts in the field and our lead estimator and project management professional (PMI, PMP) has about 1,000 hours of training and education in this area and has performed about 4,000 estimates spanning 26 years.

Additionally, you can use the estimate to counter another contractor's price for better overall value or to negotiate with your insurance company. It is both a budget and a proposal.

The Process...

Inputs include:

  • The Why: We think about your strategic business case/mission/vision and the need you are trying to satisfy.
  • The What: In our initial meeting we will work to value engineer the scope of work needed to achieve your goal.
  • Logistics: Take pictures and measurements and view the location.
  • Personal Preferences: We interview you to distill your project to its most important features and make an effort to identify the best value for you.
  • Payment: You hand a check, cash, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Cash-App, Square Cash, upon the end of our meeting.

Outputs include:

  • Time Frame: We offer a quick turn-around of your project proposal. Free estimates are 1 to 2 weeks, paid estimates are about 4 days.
  • Scope & Responsibilities: We outline the basic scope of the project, including who's responsible for each aspect of the work. A certain amount of design work goes into these and thus we are in part designing your project with you.
  • Budget: We will include a project budget with line-item pricing showing tasks and costs with effort hours in sequence.
  • Contract: We will include a contract which will show payment terms, terms and conditions, exclusions of what is out of project scope, and identify what permits and municipal requirements to adhere to.
  • Dates: We will include start and completion dates.
  • Risk Management: We will share a short risk management plan that will help lower the project liability.
  • Terms: Payment terms will be specified - milestones, % complete on schedule of values, or weekly cash outlay.
  • Costs: We define costs including labor, materials, as well as costs which will be incurred for municipal permits that need to be secured.
  • Freedom of use: Regardless of whom you choose for the work you can implement all these expert write-ups. This belongs for you to use as you choose.

We will do one revision to the estimate and one follow-up conversation.

If you end up hiring us, we will subtract the estimate cost from the total project amount. Ready to get started? Give us a call today!